The prequel to Manic Mental Dental Defender --- Pick the correct utensil to eat your foods with!

Made by magicylia (art), mothnog (other stuff)

Other credits:

- Dissolve Shader by kondelik -

- Yoster Island Font -


- Left or right: use a utensil (if on mobile, tap left or right side)

- F1: toggle inversion mode

- F2: toggle flash effects

- M: toggle music

Guide on how to eat foods:

- If the food will fall out of your fork, use a SPOON

- If the food is liquidy, use a SPOON

- If the food is solid, use a FORK

- Probably use a FORK for everything else, unless I'm forgetting something?


SFBv1_1_0 20 MB
SFBv1_1_0 23 MB

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